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London, Ontario
Curious facts
But I tell you this has set all London buzzing.

Arthur Conan Doyle, "When the World Screamed"

In the very downtown, a schizophrenically-happy-looking woman is trampling other people's cars:

The ideal of londoners is a bald muscular man with a slightly deformed head:

Goodlife Fitness provokes different emotions in everybody from a baby to David Arquette:

The eyeglasses ad uses a baby photo of Yuri Luzhkov, mayor of Moscow, Russia:

The photostore offers a cosmetic reincarnation of an amazing beauty:

Honest lawyers in London end up in fiery hell:

And that's why there are only two or three lawyers in the town:

The store that writes the letter "s" like kids do sells adult gifts:

The trend to write letters like kids do is peculiar to more than one store:

The trucks are parked in such a way so as to decapitate passersby:

The metallic rhinoceros by the museum has as many rivets as two Boeings:

The tail of the rhino is riveted at the bottom to prevent his dropping of metallic manure:

Bikes of wild colors are locked:

Still, some bikes have bad luck:

The color of the twin towers of the Talbot Centre was matched to that of bikes:

Buses are spelled as "Busses" to reinforce the statement:

To look scarier, the cops borrowed the idea from busses:

Londoners misspel not just buses and cops:

The Ridout Restaurant does not provide plastic forks with their "to-go" order...

...the above is probably the reason it got rid of its former name, "The Forks"...

...so people are forced to steal metallic forks from it (and to return them later :-):

You can't park at the University of Western Ontario if you have less than 12 bucks:

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Hotel Brunswick is located in beautiful downtown London:

The streetlight signals are explained by the means of an amputee and his two severed hands:

Like in its British counterpart, the river is also called Thames:

The sign by the river claims that the city had executed Abraham Lincoln under the name of Henry Smith:

Westervelt College looks like a piano with blood:

I visited London for the first time in May of 2003 and spent the whole day rambling around the town while waiting for my girlfriend who was attending a course at the UWO. In order to put my new camera to use I was looking for curiosities, which London was found to have many.

Then we went home, and the alternator started dying almost right away, and it did last till Windsor, but still died right at the exit of the Ambassador Bridge, but that is a different story.