Web Graphics Photo Video CD-ROM .
HD videography, editing, and delivery on a Blu-Ray or YouTube
I shoot in AVCHD and edit in Adobe Premiere.

Toronto video equipment stores:

Pearson Airport Ukraine International Airlines Launch

Royal Ontario Museum Premiere of "Hunger for Truth: the Rhea Clyman Story"

Chellsey Institute Graduation Ceremony

Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Evening

Ukrainian Famine Memorial Unveiling

Taras Brylynskyy's Music School Piano Recital

Videos I produced that are unavailable for streaming

Vaughan Mayor's Gala 2014

2012 SES Toronto Conference and Expo

"Accordin' to Joe" University of Toronto Faculty of Music Joseph Macerollo Appreciation Night

"La Boheme", Against the Grain Theatre

"Charlotte", Theaturtle

"Afternoon of Musical Theatre", Humber Valley United Church