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In web we trust
Entangled in the web
I started making websites at UARNet in exchange for free Internet access, in 1996 (hi Vlad!). After that, I became a volunteer webmaster at the Carpathian School society, which lead to my landing a job there upon my graduation. Eventually, my work was noticed and I was offered a position of a web designer at Wertep, the hottest design studio in Lviv at the time, where I worked until moving to the US.

Since I came to America, I've designed several websites on a non-commercial basis.

I write all the code in text editor, and use Photoshop for graphics. All websites display correctly in all major browsers — Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, and Opera.

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Department of Mass Communications, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Aval bank Lviv branch
Yavoriv wood carving shop
. . . .
Mobile Systems paging network operator
Yavir JSE
Yavoriv Metal-Plastic plant
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Webtop statistics
People white pages
Ort hardware store
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Kamianets-Podilsky foundation
Alternative music festival
Week of European culture in Lviv
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Mercator publishing
Department of Geography, Lviv State University
Carpathian School ecological and educational society

No face, no name, no number
Time and chance happeneth to them all, including electronic media. Several more websites and templates that I designed are no longer online and nothing was left of them.

•   Utel phone company

•   Galaxy security

•   Halychyna juices

•   Sepro juices

•   Days of Krakow in Lviv

•   Carpathian Euroregion

•   Carpathian Bridge